Healthy New Year Nutrition Challenge Details

I’m hosting an Online Nutrition Challenge!

I have hosted multiple nutrition challenges out of my gym, Crossfit Oyster Point, and they have been incredibly successful!  Throughout the 6 weeks, members have lost up to 10lbs (majority from fat mass!), added up to 5lbs of lean body mass (muscle!), and developed lasting, healthy habits that helped them continue progressing towards their goals even after the 6-week challenge!  SO I want to give everyone else a chance to get healthier, happier, and fitter through my 6-week nutrition challenge program!

karen compare challenge 1 and 2.jpg
Before & After from Fit For Summer Challenge!

How does the Challenge work?

The challenge will begin with a Video Seminar that I will record and send out to any participants. This will give you further details into the specific guidelines and expectations for the 6 weeks. You will receive this on Friday, January 5th so you can take the weekend to prepare for the start on Monday, January 8th!

You will receive an individualized calorie goal to be within each day throughout the challenge that will help you reach your specific goal!

In order to ensure you are within that calorie goal, you will be required to track your meals each day on an app!  Tracking foods is an extremely valuable habit that can teach you so much about what you are putting into your body!  Tracking does not need to be part of your life long habits, however by practicing it for a short period of time you will learn about portion sizing, balancing nutrients, and making healthy choices!

A Weekly Follow-Up response from a Challenge member!

Every Sunday night, you will Follow-Up with me through an online document where you will input your daily calorie total and evaluate your food choices.  You will also be able to fill me in on any progress you’re feeling/seeing, any set backs you’re experiencing, and the continued goals you set for yourself for success week after week!

Challenge members will also be invited into a Private Facebook Group where you can share recipes with each other, reach out for support, post motivation, as well as receive continuous education from various posts I will share exclusively with you guys!

Who is this challenge for?

This challenge can be for anyone!  I really mean that, everyone has room for improvement with their diet and this is a great way to stay motivated and encouraged for 6-weeks to start the New Year out on a healthy foot!

You can set any type of goal with this challenge and still be a contender to WIN (details below). Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass, “clean up” your eating habits, or just learn more about nutrition, you can accomplish all that through these 6 weeks!


What other guidelines are involved with this challenge?

This challenge focuses on eating your way to health!  Following extremely restrictive diets only work temporarily and result in negative side effects like metabolic issues, weight re-gain (beyond what was lost), and hormone imbalance!  Your body requires calories to function (calories are our FUEL!) and many times the reason we are stuck from losing any more weight is because we aren’t getting enough calories to allow our bodies to use our body fat for fuel!  If you feel a drop in your energy levels around 2:00pm, if you are sleeping poorly, if you can’t lose weight or build muscle, or are generally sluggish you may be experiencing the symptoms of under-eating! 

Along with balancing intake, another step towards healthier eating is including plenty of vegetables into your day so you will be required to reach a goal of servings per day.

Decreasing fat mass and increasing muscle mass can be achieved through this Nutrition Challenge!

Additionally, the rest of your food choices must be from as many real, whole-food sources you can!  This challenge is not restrictive by food type as much as it is for food quantity.  To nourish and fuel your body best, the majority of your food choices will need to come from those real-food sources so that your body can function at its best!  There are no foods “off limits” because that does not provide a lifelong solution to any eating habits.  By monitoring food quantity, it will help you choose high volume foods that provide more filling nutrition rather than empty calories!


Additionally, through the Private Facebook Group, I will post Weekly Bonus Challenges that will help you try new things and continue to learn about yourself, challenge yourself to get outside your comfort zone, and get a step ahead on achieving your goals!

So how can I win this?!

If you are competitive by nature, this is definitely the way for you to get into some healthy habits!


Through the Weekly Follow-Ups, I have developed a points system that will choose a winner based on dedication and consistency throughout the challenge.  It is not a Biggest Loser challenge, because many people have goals other than just losing weight!  By consistently tracking your meals each day, being within your set calorie goal, making healthful choices when it comes to food quality, and reporting all this at the end of each week, you will earn points that will accumulate towards awarding a winner at the end of it all! Weekly Bonus Challenges will also award additional points as well as submitting baseline measurements and “before” and “after” photos!

6 Weeks of progress by EATING enough, choosing real food sources, and keeping up with workouts!

If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

This challenge begins on January 8th and finishes on February 16th and is only $40 for you to make lasting changes in your health and fitness!!!

Can’t wait for you to join me on this journey of eating your way to a Healthy New Year! 


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