“After placing 2nd in my gym’s Holiday Nutrition Challenge, I won a Full-Access Nutrition Package with Dani. When I finally claimed my prize, I wished I had done it sooner! We discussed my goals and she calculated my macronutrient needs. She was always available and promptly answered all of my questions. Dani was also very encouraging and helped me keep a positive attitude even during weak moments.

If you know me, sweets are my weakness. As I began to follow my macros, my cravings became very minimal. I was even able to kick coffee to the curb (for now!) since I had been heavy handed with the cream and sugar.

Since starting the program, I have more energy and I feel more confident about my food choices. It made a huge difference to simply pay attention to what I put in my mouth, and make a conscious effort in what I chose to eat. Food planning and preparation is key too. It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely possible. After just 3 weeks in I was already seeing improvements with my measurements. I’ve also felt stronger and have even hit a couple PRs.

Dani helped me realize more that my health and wellness aren’t just about eating healthy, but about balance with all things, including sleep, exercise and nutrition. We all probably already know this, but she helped me actually achieve it, and it also helps being accountable to someone.

I would definitely recommend Dani and her services to anyone looking to meet their nutrition goals and make some positive changes in their life. She has the knowledge and experience to help!”

Top: Before coaching — Bottom: Week 4

Sometimes the scale doesn’t say it all! Sarah is down just a pound or two but has some real visual progress in just 4 weeks!  She lost inches around her waist while adding muscle mass which helped her PR her Deadlift at 155#, her Split Jerk at 95# and get her first 6 rope climbs!

To improve and balance your eating habits, Contact Danielle or check out Certitude Nutrition Services!

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  1. Amazing results!


  2. Wow, so much success in a short time!


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