A word from Danielle;

Respect Everything & Fear Nothing…That has been my motto for anything life has thrown my way.  My senior year at Lynchburg College, I came across a quote that I summed up into those 4 words and from that day since I decided I would trust in myself to follow it.  I have applied my motto to so many different situations; intimidating internships; moving to a new city for my first real job where I knew no one; meeting and coaching new people every day from all walks of life; standing on the competition floor at the Crossfit Mid-Atlantic Regionals in 2016 surrounded by amazing competitors, Games athletes, and hundreds of spectators; trusting in myself and my knowledge to begin, first, a nutrition blog, then offering individualized nutrition coaching  to help you find your confidence in your sport and your life.

I am sharing on Food Certitude Nutrition to help you gain absolute certainty and understanding about how your body works, which foods will move you closer towards your goals, and how to take control of your habits to result in the most positive lifestyle you can achieve!

Danielle has a B.S. in Exercise Physiology, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (NSCA-CSCS), USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach (USAW), Crossfit-Level 1 Certified (CF-L1), has the Level 1 Certification in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from Precision Nutrition (PN1) and is the Resident Nutrition Athlete for “FeNom Iron Eaters”. Beyond her education, she has experience with coaching various types of athletes and clientele from personal, 1 on 1 sessions to large groups in a Crossfit class.  As a lifetime athlete herself, she has always understood the importance of properly fueling her body to encourage the positive changes she wanted to see in herself and her performance on the field, court, and today on the Crossfit competition floor.

She has coached clients with specific athletic goals, like performing well at the Crossfit Regionals, as well as those looking to lose that last 5lbs.  Danielle has worked with people following specialized diets such as Paleo or vegetarianism as well as those willing to meticulously track every meal or someone just looking for small, easy improvements.  Regardless of your end goals, Danielle wants to help you improve your nutrition because she understands the positive impact it will have on your confidence – in yourself and in your abilities – which can only result in improved performance (whether in a sport, at your job, or with your family) and your overall quality of life!


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