Left: Day 1 of Coaching — Right: Week 4

Ryan came to Certitude Nutrition eating below 2000 calories a day and hitting workouts hard 7 days per week.  He reached out looking for some help with making the most of his training.  Ryan is a generally “clean eater”, but wasn’t eating enough to support his performance!  Looking to lean out while maintaining strength, continuously cutting calories is not always the answer!

“It’s amazing how eating more translates into fat burn when you take in the right foods…I’m definitely noticing real results!” – Ryan

bell beforeR.wk5R compareAvoiding carbohydrates is a common mistake for high-intensity athletes.  By “reverse dieting”, Ryan increased his intake to over 300g per day to fuel his workouts, improve his recovery and increase his daily energy levels.

For help improving your performance, Contact Danielle or check out Certitude Nutrition Services!

2 thoughts on “Ryan

  1. 4 weeks? Impressive!


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