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“It wasn’t long into my Crossfit journey when I realized how important nutrition was going to be if I wanted to reach a competitive level. I started to research how to count macros and what, when or how I should be eating and it was completely overwhelming. When Danielle told me she was going to start nutrition coaching, I jumped at the opportunity. I knew I would not be able to change a diet that I had for 25 years on my own. I signed up for the Level 2 package and it changed everything for me. I had more energy, I wasn’t as sore after WODs and I just felt better. I have continued to lose body fat and weight while my strength numbers are steadily going up; snatching 55# over my body weight and squatting 225# over. More importantly, since beginning my package, I have developed a whole new lifestyle for my health and nutrition.  I am cognizant of my nutrition decisions and, just as much as I focus on Crossfit, I now focus on nutrition. The improvement I had during this year’s Crossfit Open is one of my proudest athletic accomplishments, improving 1,200 spots, and I know that would not have been possible without my experience with Certitude Nutrition coaching and learning to stop at 80% (you will learn about this when you sign up ;))”

Left: June 2015 — Right: April 2017

As a competitive Crossfit athlete, Trey has gone through multiple different training phases therefore requiring different nutrition phases as well.  Athletes especially need to adjust their intake according to the work demands they are putting on their bodies.  Between the “off-season”, strength building, endurance improvement, and “in-season” (Crossfit Open time) phases, different caloric intake and macronutrient balance are necessary for peak performance and success within each training modality.

To take your training to the next level and feel your best throughout your training and day-to-day, check out our Services or Contact Danielle for help with your nutrition

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  1. You improved 1200 spots? That’s awesome. Keep it up!


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