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Kat’s jean shorts from last summer – she was surprised how big they were when she put them on this season!

“At the end of last summer I started a 6-week Nutrition Challenge at our Crossfit box with Dani. I was very strict on myself (minus my one allotted cheat day, my birthday, we won’t talk about consumption that day). I had toyed with Paleo for a couple years and with low-fat trends, but mostly I ate and drank what I wanted and worked out a lot to try to cover it up.

With the structure provided by Dani for my nutrition and consistently doing Crossfit, I immediately saw and felt a difference in my body and my performance. I won that Challenge, losing over five pounds, and a good amount of inches and body fat. I continued to eat in a way loosely structured to what I had been taught and joined her next Nutrition Challenge during the holiday season where I was able to buckle down and lose another 5 pounds! I never had considered myself big (but looking back at pictures it can be painful), but working with Dani, I have toned up and become a better athlete achieving lots of PRs and big movements I never thought I’d be able to do. I went from the 24th percentile in the Open in 2016 to the 12th percentile in 2017 and I credit a lot of that to the change in my lifestyle.

But the best thing about this process is that Dani makes it realistic, not like most other trends and diets. I am still able to eat and drink the things that make life worth living (i.e., funfetti icing and IPAs) but I’ve learned how to regulate and control myself most of the time and also let myself live a little when needed. Life can be tricky and we won’t always be able to be 100% with our nutrition and workouts and that is absolutely okay. Dani has helped me to change my mindset on what eating should be about versus how society and the media teaches us to feel guilt and shame around the topic. So I like to tell people when they compliment me that I am #bodybyDani because she has helped me become the person I am today and I am forever grateful for not just her advice and guidance, but for her authentic approach to nutrition and wellness.”

Kat dominated two back-to-back Nutrition Challenges hosted at Crossfit Oyster Point! The Challenge is not a “biggest loser” type weight-loss program, instead it holds members accountable to their nutrition habit changes, tracks their dedication, and rewards their consistency…all the keys to sustainable, healthy lifestyles!

Kat stayed true to the program and saw amazing results while also learning more about healthy, balanced eating to continue on her fitness track beyond the Challenge!  She has become confident in her fitness abilities and is the picture of lifestyle balance between living life to the fullest and staying healthy and on the track of her goals!  Her progress and dedication is inspiring to many and Certitude Nutrition is grateful for her trust and commitment into the program!

To host a Challenge at your gym, your workplace, or with another community you’re involved with, Contact Danielle for pricing and details!!


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  1. Great story! Congrats, Kat.


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