My One Piece of Nutrition Advice

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This one took me a couple days to think about.

I decided I wanted to give you guys one big takeaway to hopefully make even the slightest improvement in your eating habits and in your life.  There are so many “rules” that are put out when it comes to nutrition.  Some say “no sugar!” or “no fat!” or “don’t eat after 7pm!”.  While some of those strategies may have worked for some people, they won’t work for everyone for so many different reasons and they’re generally not a healthy approach nor is it something that’s maintainable as a lasting lifestyle habit!

So I chose this…


It’s not exactly specific and is pretty general, but one person is not the same to the next so strict rules just can’t be applied!  When I thought about my clients or other members who have asked me for advice, it’s usually about how to get out of a dietary-rut where they have eaten themselves into the smallest corner of limited foods and minimal calories in an effort to lose weight.

Your body NEEDS food.  And it needs different types of fuel to perform it’s best.  Eating the same, restricted meals day-in and day-out really limits what kind of vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) you’re getting as well as limits the types of energy (macronutrients) we’re supplying our bodies with as well.


I preach this a lot… focus on including healthy foods.  If you work on adding in the “better”, the “worse” will work itself out pretty easily.  Better can include a variety of vegetables, servings of different fruits, balanced portions of lean proteins, healthy fats, and a healthy carbohydrate choice.  Stay hydrated by sipping on water all day.  Eat mindfully by taking your time, being aware of each bite you take and really tasting your food – avoid distracted, rushed eating when you can!  Eat with acknowledgement that your food is fueling you towards your goals – it’s not a reward, it’s nothing to be guilty about, and if it’s something that isn’t actually beneficial towards your goals, eat with moderation and enjoy the indulgence then move on.


Continually eating less and less will not make you lose weight more and more.  Your body, crazy enough, actually wants to keep you alive! So despite your efforts to starve it out or exercise it down to nothing, it’s going to resist that and actually double-down against you.  As I’ve already mentioned but worth saying again, your body needs food!  In some cases, limiting how much someone is eating is necessary for weight loss.  That caloric balance needs to be shifted so that your body is using more energy than it’s taking in.  But your body is only going to use more energy if it knows that it will have some more coming in to refuel.  That’s why eating less isn’t always going to be the solution.

Eat better to show yourself some love and feel what it’s like to be energized & healthy instead of just trying to eat less because it could be what’s limiting your progress towards your goals!!

2 thoughts on “My One Piece of Nutrition Advice

  1. Very well done, as usual!


  2. That’s a good one-liner to remember. Thanks!


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