To have your nutrition questions answered, schedule a meeting with Danielle to receive her advice and guidance on how to reach your goals!  This can also be the first step towards starting your Personalized Program.  We will discuss your current nutrition habits, your short and long term goals, and some actions you can take now to start improving your nutrition lifestyle!  During your consultation, Danielle will also gather the necessary information to develop your perfect plan and gather baseline measurements including body-fat percentage and body-circumference measurements (located at Crossfit Oyster Point).

Price: $65 per meeting — $99 with InBody Scan included at Crossfit Oyster Point


For personalized assistance with your nutrition, performance, and lifestyle goals, you will receive 12-weeks of individualized support, increased accountability, open communication and progress reassessments through photos and various measurements.

If you are just beginning your health, fitness and/or nutrition journey, Danielle will guide you in improving your lifestyle and eating habits with easily adoptable steps that will help you attain your goals for overall wellness, weight-loss/muscle-mass gain/body re-composition, and improved performance.

If you feel your nutrition habits are already healthy but you’d like to break through a plateau or dial it in further to maximize your performance, you will receive your calculated, individualized macronutrient goals to take your eating habits and performance in life & sport to the next level.

No matter where you are starting, you will receive a comprehensive starter guide of meal suggestions, meal-prep ideas and shopping lists.  Through an advanced questionnaire, your short-term and long-term goals will be mapped out as well as other important details about your current habits, training, and lifestyle so that coaching can be catered exactly to your needs.  This option also includes weekly check-ins for your maintained accountability as well as a personalized, in-depth follow-up document exclusive to Certitude Nutrition to continually track your progress, assess your goals and achievements, and stay in close communication with Danielle.

Price: $300 (total for 12-week contract – $100/mo option available)

Optional Add-onFace-to-Face, phone call, Facetime/Skype follow up meetings.  1 per month during your 12-week package.

Price: $150 additional

HOST A NUTRITION CHALLENGE: At your gym or work! 

Barber After3

Certitude Nutrition has developed a unique, fun and effective nutrition challenge system to help your members or coworkers establish healthy habits and see lasting progress!  The challenge is not restrictive or a “biggest loser” type competition.  Instead, challengers are responsible for balancing their caloric intake (individually calculated at the beginning of the challenge) and keeping track of their meals to offer some insight in their current habits and sources of calories and macronutrients.


Challengers earn points through dedication and consistency throughout the process, as that is the most successful way to reach their goals.  The challenge lasts for 6-weeks and end goals can include anything from weight loss with decreased fat-mass or weight gain with increased muscle mass, to performance improvements or just improved overall health and wellness.  Regardless of the outcome-goal, challengers can still be in the running for winning a grand prize by developing the important habits needed for making sustainable progress!


Email me with any questions or interest you have for hosting a challenge! You can get more information about how a Challenge is run HERE

Contact me with any questions or to get signed up for services!


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