Don’t skip meals before a holiday party!

In an effort to avoid eating too many calories, it’s easy to think you should not eat all day to “save up” for the evening.  However, what this leads to is being STARVING by party time and having a case of the “hangrys” which causes you to make poor food choices, eat excessive calories, and usually calories from higher fat and sugary foods!  Instead, prioritize vegetables and lean proteins throughout the day of the party – that way you better manage your appetite and will still be able to enjoy a few indulgences but also make healthier choices!

Maintain your workout routine!

It’s easy to make excuses about missing workouts due to finishing work projects by the end of the year, Christmas shopping trips, and all of the parties and events!  No matter how hard we try this season, some excess calories will be consumed (and they should – ’tis the season!) so by continuing to keep up our calorie expenditure we can maintain the progress we’ve made!

Drink water & eat your vegetables!

Staying hydrated is always important year round as is getting in plenty of servings of vegetables!  During the Holiday season it is extra important because they will help keep you feeling full & satisfied and less likely to go overboard on sweets and treats!  Water as well as vegetables also help your digestive system immensely!

Indulgences are healthy but limit it to one per special event!

Like I said, ’tis the season!! It’s important to take part in the fun meals with our friends and families during the Holidays – it helps us build healthy relationships with each other & with food!  BUT limit the indulgence to just one great item or meal to avoid turning the indulgence into a full out binge!  You’ll notice that by limiting yourself just one indulgence you truly enjoy and savor the treat!!

Make the best choices you can while eating out or at Holiday parties!

After prioritizing vegetables and lean proteins throughout the day, you’ve now made it to party time!  You can partake in one indulgence so that means the rest of your food choices should be mindful as best as you can.  Choose meats, vegetables, and keep carbohydrate portions small!

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