No Bake KetoBites

Today I hosted a seminar at CrossfitOP about the ins-and-outs of supplements!  I highlighted the awesome brand, Purus Labs, which is new to OP, and explored all of the products that can help our members get the most out of their workouts by staying energized, recovering well, and building and maintaining their muscle mass!


One of the featured products was KetoFeed – a protein powder that is also made with coconut oil to include the beneficial properties of MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides).  KetoFeed provides 20g of protein and 10g of fats from the MCTs which makes it a great appetite-satisfying snack anytime during the day!  MCTs are a unique type of triglyceride because the medium-chain is metabolized differently than other fats so it bypasses fat storage and is quickly and easily utilized for energy production.

Image result for ketogenic dietThe name KetoFeed speaks to a “ketogenic” type diet – where carbs are kept to a very bare minimum and the diet is high in fat in an effort to train the body to prioritize fats as the main source of fuel.  When the body is in this fat-prioritizing state, ketones are produced by the adipose tissues when they are broken down, hence Keto.  Depending on your body type, your goals, and your activity level, this type of diet may or may not be suitable for you, but regardless, the KetoFeed protein is a great anytime meal-substitute for anyone because of its low carbohydrate, zero sugar, high protein and fat content!


I whipped up these tasty bites and wanted to share the recipe now that many of you have gotten your hands on a tub of KetoFeed from OP! If you are interested in getting one to make this recipe, you can order it from and be sure to use my code: kearns20 for 20% off your entire order!

These KetoBites provide 100 calories from 4.5g protein, 4g carbohydrates, and 8g of fats.  Since fats are a slower digesting macronutrient, they help to keep you full and satisfied for longer!  That makes these Bites a great snack because they provide hunger-fulfilling proteins and fats to help curb your appetite plus are super easy and convenient to grab-and-go to keep your energy up when you’re on the run!



1 scoop KetoFeed Samoa Chocolate Cookie

1/2c peanut butter

1 tablespoon (melted) coconut oil

1 tbsp chocolate chips (optional – or more if you desire)

and/or 1tbsp coconut flakes (optional – or more if you desire)

1/2c oat flour


Mix the KetoFeed, peanut butter, and melted coconut oil together until everything is well combined.  Let sit for 10-20 minutes for the protein powder to absorb and the mixture to thicken.  Add in your desired toppings – with this being Samoa Chocolate Cookie flavor, adding chocolate chips and/or coconut flakes was a given!

Take about a tablespoon of the mixture and roll is between your hands into a ball, then lightly roll it through the oat flour to make it slightly less sticky!  This should yield 20 KetoBites!

Refrigerate to help them keep their shape & enjoy a quick snack after your workout, throughout your day, or to satisfy a sweet tooth in the evening!


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