Recipe: Flourless Banana PB Chocolate Doughnuts & Why I will never call it “clean” or “guilt-free”.

Finally, here is the recipe for the baked doughnuts I threw together this weekend that so many people were asking for once they saw it on my Instagram Story!


It is so easy to make and they come out really great with an awesome macronutrient profile also!! For each doughnut they have 4g protein/10g carbs/5g fats…such a perfect snack or workout fuel!

Let me just say, I know many of my recipes are “healthy”/”clean”/”guilt-free” versions of treats, but that’s just because I like making tweaks and changes to normal recipes and see if I can make them tasty still while also having balanced macronutrients…Why? Because then I can eat more of them 🙂 while also being able to eat just as many other real foods throughout my day as well.  Your typical diet should not consist of Edible Cookie Dough and Flourless Doughnuts every day…these are treats that you can enjoy here and there to recover from workouts (especially during this Crossfit Open season!) or to be able to fit in a treat while still being able to reach your health and fitness goals.  On the regular, we should be eating a variety of mostly real, whole foods that are full or micronutrients (vitamins & minerals).  BUT eating regular doughnuts and real cookies is an important part of balancing out our diet also and we should be able to do so without feeling any guilt or like we are unclean or unhealthy! Balancing our daily, healthful eating with occasional indulgences is the key to maintaining a lasting, healthy lifestyle!!

I will never label my recipes as “guilt-free” because FOOD SHOULD NEVER BE ASSOCIATED WITH ANY GUILT! We eat to fuel our body and our activities and we exercise to build up our strength and/or endurance…none of this should be guilt-filled, or punishment, or reward, it’s all meant to improve our self, our confidence, our mind, ect.

I will never label my recipes as “clean” because everything I eat is clean because I use clean dishes and utensils and wash off my fruits and vegetables…I hate the labeling of foods as “clean” or “bad” because, again, it builds this sense of guilt or regret or badness around foods where there should only be positivity!  In general, when referring to “clean” foods, I think of something that is unprocessed and high in micronutrients.  Those are components that make foods a healthier choice, so that is just how they should be acknowledged! Healthy foods, unprocessed foods, foods high in vitamins and minerals. This also means that most “clean” recipes aren’t all that “clean” because they might not use unprocessed ingredients or have many fruits or vegetables to supply those micronutrients!  (Lucky for you, this recipe uses only bananas and if you use the same type of peanut butter you get some additional bonus micronutrients too!)

With that said, enjoy this treat – and any or all other treats you include in moderation with your balanced, sustainable lifestyle!! But since these doughnuts are so ‘macro-friendly’, you can eat about 3 of them for equivalent macronutrients as 1 regular doughnut! That’s usually what I’m going for; eating more substance for less or equal nutrients so that I can feel full and satisfied as often as possible while still being able to maintain my fitness goals!


Flourless, Banana PB Chocolate Baked Doughnuts

Makes 2 batches (12 doughnuts)


350g Bananas, very ripe preferably (this is about 3 medium sized)

3 Eggs

1/2 cup Greek Nonfat Yogurt

31/2 Tbsp of Peanut Butter (I recommend Trader Joe’s Crunchy Salted Peanut Butter with Flax and Chia Seeds!!)

1 Tbsp Powdered Peanut Butter

5 Tbsp Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

2 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp baking soda



Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Put all of the ingredients into a blender (I used my little magic-bullet type) and blend thoroughly.

Pour the blended batter into a lightly greased Doughnut pan (I rubbed a little coconut oil around each section)

Sprinkle Chocolate Chips  on top of each one as you please

Bake about 20 minutes, or until no longer jiggle-y and edges are brown and pulled away


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