The Daughter I am

The daughter I am is because of the Mother I have.


Growing up, I was always given a healthy breakfast option to start my day.  I had a lunch packed for me with balanced, healthy options so that I didn’t have to eat sketchy cafeteria food.  After along day of school and usually multiple back-to-back sports practices, I came home to a homemade dinner every night.  Sometimes it wasn’t until 10pm because behind the scenes she was working 2 or 3 different jobs, driving me around, and preparing and cooking this delicious meal for us, but it was always eaten at the dinner table with all of us together. file_002.png

She is the reason why I love food so much, how I learned to cook so many things, make healthy choices, and even raise and grow our food on our own property.  (You too, Dad, but wait until June for your shout out).


My inspiration and support for sharing my healthy recipes.  The foundation of my confidence and healthy body image.  How I learned that what I know and what I can do are way more important and impressive than a pants size or a weight.  The one who knows life is too short to not eat chocolate once a day and that it’s perfectly fine & human to do so.


She is behind me and spilling with pride at all of my accomplishments no matter how big or small.  She was in the stands at all of my basketball and volleyball games and tunes in to watch my competitions online today.  She gave me some of these athletic, pretty genes that have gotten me so far 😉 <3.  She taught me to be gracious and grateful of anything life handed me but to also take no crap.

The person I am today, a friend, a sister, an Aunt, a teammate, a coach, a daughter, is because of how you raised me and continue to help me through life even 500 miles away.  Thank you for all you’ve done and what you continually do <3.


It takes an army, so thank you to all those who “mothered” me along the way as well.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas out there – we appreciate you more than we could ever show!


3 thoughts on “The Daughter I am

  1. I love you Dan; more than you will ever know. So proud that you are so smart and mature enough to connect your past with your present, and I’d do it all over again knowing what a brave, intelligent, strong young lady you’ve become. xoxo Mom


  2. You made me cry reading this . . . so sweet


  3. So awesome! I aspire to be this kind of mom!


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