Naturally Colored Easter Eggs!


I wanted to share my experience (& success!) with these before you guys got to making your own this weekend!  Using 2 vegetables and 1 spice, I was able to color my eggs bright, vibrant colors for like $2 and without any artificial dyes 🙂

They take a little longer than dropping a tablet into a glass of water and vinegar, but if you have young kids that will bathing in the color-water (or are 23+ years old and want to color, no judgement…), then this is an awesome way to keep the process safe and healthy!  It also makes me feel a bit better about eating the eggs afterwards as color can seep in, especially if they get cracked while cooking.

Using 1 beet, some red cabbage, and turmeric, I was able to make bright yellow (turmeric), robin-egg blue (red cabbage, surprisingly!) and bright pink (beets) colored eggs!  I am going to mix my colors and hope for some purple and green eggs for my next batch!!


What you’ll need

1 head of red cabbage (you only need about 1 cup shredded)

1 large beet (cut into cubes)

2 tablespoons turmeric

Hard boiled eggs

6 T White vinegar (1T per cup of water)

6 cups of water (2 cups per color batch)


How to do it

Cut the red cabbage into shreds, cut the beets into cubes, and measure out the 2T of turmeric.  Pour 2 cups of water into 3 separate pans (if you want to multi-task all the colors at once) and then add your vegetables/turmeric to each pot (1 color per).

As the water  boils, you’ll see the color bleed into the water, reduce the heat so it continues to simmer until the water is deeply colored.

Using a meshed strainer, pour the liquid into a bowl (or large mason jars) and let it cool to room temperature.

Add your hard boiled eggs to the jars and let them soak!  The ones pictured have been in for close to 24 hours, and they’re pretty vibrantly colored!! (Stored in the fridge)

I did read that some people hard boiled their eggs right in the liquid they boiled the vegetables/turmeric in to double-time the process, but I didn’t trust myself to it (lol) so I did them separately 🙂

If you test this method out, let me know how it works for you!! (sorry to the friends coming over to dye eggs tonight…I cheated and already started 😉 )

Happy Easter, Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Naturally Colored Easter Eggs!

  1. I read you can add up to 2 3/4 tsp of baking soda to the cabbage mixture after boiling to change color from magenta to lavender – don’t worry about the fizz. Also mix 2 tsp turmeric with 2 chunks of cooked beet to get tangerine.

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  2. I made these today with my daughter. It worked great, especially when she wanted to drink the dye! I also did a green using spinach (its very, very light green). The green turned pink when I added the vinegar!
    I used this idea to make colored deviled eggs for Easter dinner too. I used the same method, but soaked peeled eggs in the dye overnight, the look great.


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