Recipe: “Sweets & Beets” Veggie Chips with Lemon Basil Dip


Find me someone who doesn’t love chips & dip.  It’s such a classic party snack, always the go-to when hosting or to bring as your food contribution.  Unfortunately, it isn’t always the healthiest snack option out there.  Chips are made from highly processed, nutrient-empty potatoes and typically cooked in unhealthy oils and many dips are high in fats, sugars, and unnecessary additives.  So the next time you’re hosting a get-together or bringing a dish to someone else’s party, throw together this chip & dip combo to offer up the healthiest alternative!

Baking your own chips from sweet potatoes and beets lets you be in control of what’s going into your snack!  They have all of their beneficial nutrients still in-tact and are cooked with Olive Oil, a healthier oil option!  This is another way to include more vegetables easily into your day!  Classic potato chips definitely can’t be counted as a daily vegetable…but these baked chips can make the cut!

Getting together with friends or family can be one of the hardest times to stay on track for your health/performance goals.  I love eating with my friends, it’s definitely a solid part of our friendship, but as often as possible, I try to be that friend that brings the healthy option to balance out whatever else we may be snacking on all night!  I made these chips and dip along with some kale chips for our Easter-Egg Dying party last weekend and they were a hit!

*Pro-Tip* If you’re going to a pot-luck type gathering and you’re not sure what food options are going to be there, bring the dish that you know you can eat!  If you’re trying to stick to some healthy goals, it can be a stressful and challenging to stay on track at that kind of event.  So to ensure that you will have something to eat that will keep you on definite track for your goals, bring your healthy dish to share!  I promise other people will be glad they have another healthy option to enjoy too!

This recipe is pretty easy to make, and only time consuming to turn the veggies into chips in the oven.  The dip is quick and easy, made with mostly fat-free greek-yogurt to make it light and add a bit extra protein to your dish!


For the chips:

Sweet Potatoes (size/number depending on how much you’re making)

Beets (size/number depending on how much you’re making)

Squeeze of Lemon juice

Sprinkle of Salt

~2 Tbsp Olive Oil


Per 1/4c of dip:

3 large basil leaves, chopped up into tiny pieces

3 Tbsp nonfat, plain, greek yogurt

1 Tbsp real mayo (homemade, or I used “Sir Kensington’s Mayo”)

~1/2 tsp of lemon juice (squeeze out a small sliver)

1/2 tsp lemon zest

1/4 tsp garlic powder

Salt, sprinkle



  1. Preheat oven to 275 degrees
  2. Slice the Sweet Potatoes and Beets into thin coins and put them into a large bowl (*I did them in separate  bowls to avoid turning my sweet potatoes purple!)
  3. Pour ~1 Tbsp of Olive Oil into the bowl of veggie-coins (amount depending on how much you’re making, but keep it light, they only need a little), add a squeeze of lemon juice, and sprinkle in some salt, then toss together so all of the chips are coated in some oil.
  4. Line the chips along a cookie-sheet pan so that none are overlapping (they can be snug on there).
  5. Cook in the oven for ~40 minutes, flipping halfway through cooking for even  browning.  They’re done when the Sweet Potatoes are golden and crisp and the Beets are done when they’re a deep purple and soft (don’t let these burn, they taste awful).  Some may need to come out before others so keep an eye on them as they’re getting close!
  6. For the dip: simply mix all of the ingredients together!

Hope you enjoy these chips & dip alongside some good company!

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