“This has made me a better athlete and I am so super thankful for what you do!”


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When Laura found out she was going to qualify for the Crossfit Regional, she contacted me looking for help dialing in her nutrition so she could perform her absolute best!  With her first questionnaire, she reported low energy levels outside of training and sometimes getting light-headed during or after tough workouts.  She has always been a healthy Paleo-type eater but, like many Paleo Crossfit athletes, she was unknowingly restricting herself from carbohydrates – the main fuel source for competitive Crossfit athletes.


Once increasing her overall calories and including a variety of healthy carbohydrate sources around her training times, she happily reported back that her energy levels were “SKY ROCKETED” and that she no longer felt any dizziness during her her workouts, even when doing two sessions per day.


She is very structured by nature, so for her 3-days of competition at Regional’s, I prepared for her some guidelines for what to eat and when to eat it to start the day, before each workout depending on the type of workout that it was to ensure she was properly fueled, and what to eat afterwards to recover and be prepared for the next day’s events.

She reported back to me;

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“It was really huge this past weekend preparing to eat properly and not having a bunch of extra food in my face being tempted…I really loved having access to only the healthy food I had prepared and measured! I REALLLLLYYY LOVED the consistency of the eating I did…timing exactly when I needed to eat and knowing exactly what I needed to eat.  I also felt very disciplined and awesome!”

Not only did she perform strong at Regional’s, but her healthy habits rolled-over into her busy, daily life of Mom-of-2 and Gymnastic’s Coach.  By fueling right for her training sessions, she also felt the positive effects of increased energy levels for outside of the gym!

Through increasing her caloric intake, she was able to actually lean out by supplying her body with plentiful energy and nutrients to burn up any stored energy.  This also helped her continue to build strength and increase her lifts, while also feeling lighter to allow gymnastic and body-weight movements to feel easier!

If you are looking to improve your overall athletic performance and achieve goals inside & outside of the gym, contact me to get started!

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  1. As always. Best. Coach. Ever. 😍


  2. Congratulations to you both.


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